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Infant Care

2 to 12 months

During this delicate stage, touch is the infant’s best teacher of trust, security, and safety. KindyHaus nurses provide the gentlest care for your little one while you work. Simple daily activities help develop their senses, communication, feeding and motor milestones, and social skills, without compromising their routines and family practices.


13 to 20 months

Developing a love for learning at an early age is crucial. This programme nurtures the transition between infancy to toddlerhood, so they require more organized and structured activities that follow their budding interests and boundless curiosity. Special activities encourage their independence, communication, and cooperation while also strengthening their motor skills and imagination.

Toddler Playgroup

21 months to 3 years

Toddlers gain an understanding of themselves and ethnic diversity through exposure and socialization. Toddler Playgroup enables them to learn from others while they learn about their own interests and their surroundings through storytelling, pretend play, arts and crafts, singing, and more. As they grow older, they refine their motor skills, develop cognitive skills, and gain self-confidence, and practice self-regulation.


3 to 4 years

Our Preschool programme is designed to establish readiness and smooth transition for further education through thematic activities. Critical and creative thinking are encouraged through storytelling. Early mathematics and logical thinking, and early literacy (English) are introduced in a fun manner. Outdoor play and structured activities such as arts and crafts and social, emotional, sensory, and motor skills development ensure holistic development for preschoolers.

What We Offer

 KindyHaus offers daycare services, playschool, and learning programmes created by qualified professionals for specialized care and experiences across various developmental areas. Our certified taechers & registered nurses provide quality care for our infancy programme, which introduces infants 2 months and up to surroundings and experiences beyond their home, with as much nurturance and cleanliness. Our baby room features individual cots and an activity mat. A nutritional menu fit for growing infants is also available.

Our educational programmes cover simple educational concepts, arts and crafts, movement games and practical life activities for motor development and concentration, and includes a purposeful play through gardening and other outdoor activities.

Child Daycare Service - KindyHaus Baby & Child Care Centre

What Our Families are Saying

Absolutely amazing. They have qualified nurses to take care of the babies. My son was very well taken care of. Every day I am at peace of mind. There's also an apps for you to monitor your bb at all times. Definitely a one of a kind place.

- Nadhirah Binti Abdul Khalim

My boy has been there since the year 2017. Just wanted to let Teacher know how much we appreciate the work they do every day. I know we don’t say it enough, but this is the best Kindy could possibly have. Thanks for being such a patient and compassionate teacher for my boy. You all really put the “care” in “daycare.”

- Rachel Leau

Amanda is the first child with kindyhaus. She has been well taken care of and I truly like this center because the principle sincerely love children rather than treating them like a business transaction. I'm grateful that all the teachers has taught her well and love her. Is sad for me actually to leave as Amanda has to move on to kindergarten but I wished you all the best in adding kindergarten as part of your sylibus so that many more children can benefit from your care and teaching. All the best!

- Geraldine Yap 

It has been one year since my son entered this amazing school. Excellent school, excellent teachers and excellent community of a pre school kids. Keep it up.

- Mat Nan

Selama 1 tahun anak saya bersama KindyHaus, anak saya membesar dengan baik dan sihat. Sebagai ibu yang bekerja berasa lega apabila anak saya berada dibawah jagaan yg baik. Guru-guru yang sangat baik dan penyayang. Keep it up, Kindyhaus.

- Nadhirah Fauzi

You will have peace of mind sending your infant here as they send regular daily report with accurate sleeping time, photos, meal, diaper change, etc of your infant/toddler. Most importantly, not money minded and they are honest and frank in terms of reporting. The owner, Louis, is sincere and very helpful all the way through though it goes beyond her scope of service or biz. Though they offer basic amenities, but they are efficient with daily apps update of your child with customized reporting of each individual's sleeping time, etc which many bigger or international child care centres are far behind. Most importantly, KindyHaus gained my trust in terms of personalized service and owner is not arrogant as you can reach her easily. She will take complaints seriously while monitoring her team of professional nurses closely!

- Irene Ooi

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Busy parents don’t need to worry since we provide regular feedback through our School Management Mobile App. Our caregivers include feedback and log each child’s daily activities, including bath, meal, play, and learning times. The app also lets parents know if their child is reaching age-appropriate milestones, or if there are possible developmental delays.

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